Grafair Jet Center FBO

Europe’s N°1 FBO relies on Aero-Sense products.

The Grafair Jet Center FBO is Stockholm's primary facility for general and business aviation. In very close proximity to the capital of Sweden, it provides a full range of services for both pilot and passenger. Their ground services include everything from aircraft refueling, GPUs, oxygen, nitrogen, de-icing, TKS-fluid, hydraulic and engine oils to aircraft maintenance services. Grafair also offers everything to make pilots and passengers comfortable. Identical to Aero-Sense, they strive to give their customers top-quality products and service. Grafair Jet Center was voted N° 1 FBO in the 2014 EBAN Survey and is right now setting up a similar operation at Stockholm Arlanda Airport in order to be able to assist their customers without any restrictions in size, weight or noise, and with operations also during nighttime.

Interview with Mikael Rosén, Ramp Manager at Grafair Jet Center FBO.

Grafair Jet Center FBO has been voted the N°1 FBO in the EBAN Survey. What distinguishes you from other FBO’s?
Two main things: Firstly, we have our own terminal building, ramp and ground servicing equipment, and the ability to provide all necessary servicing in house. This gives us the possibility to assist all our customers within a few minutes after receiving the request. Secondly, we have well educated and highly trained staff with the intention to provide absolute top-quality service. For example, all our line service personnel have the same technical background as an airplane mechanic which is a great advantage when servicing our customers out on the ramp. Besides that, all personnel involved in the handling operation always strive to go one step further and will be happy to help.

What do you find important when choosing a supplier?
Fast response, great support and good product availability. Are there any additional factors you consider when choosing a chemicals supplier? Especially when it comes to deicing issues and cleaning products. When choosing a supplier of chemicals it’s important to know that the products are as safe as they can be. I prefer to work with trusted chemicals, not harming me or our personnel. In today’s strive for a better environment we need to trust the chemicals have been produced in a safe way and that the nature won’t take too much damage in case of an eventual pollution.

"We are honored to be working with Aero-Sense. They have a great local knowledge, and a very good range of products."

Grafair has a strong link with the USA (Founder Mr Bengt Grafström lived in the USA to manage Swedens largest aviation school for aspiring pilots). Nevertheless, you choose to work with European suppliers. Is that a conscious decision?
The link to the USA is still strong since we buy a lot of spare parts, aircraft tow trucks, service equipment and so on from the land of aviation. But the choice to work with European suppliers of de-icing fluids, cleaning detergents, other chemicals and so on is conscious. A local supplier knows the local regulations. Besides that, the lead times when ordering products will be shortened when the distributor is located not too far away.

How would you describe the service Aero-Sense is giving you?
We are honored to be working with Aero-Sense. They have a great local knowledge, and a very good range of products. We are using the Aero-Sense products for in-flight de-icing (TKS) and also the ICE-5 anti-icing additive for the turbine fuel. When performing aircraft interior and exterior cleaning, we are currently almost solely using Aero-Sense products. What we are hoping to see from Aero-Sense in the future are even more cleaning products for the interiors like an Ink and Stain Remover for leathers and a general leather cleaner/conditioner.

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