Because we care

The aviation industry currently faces several challenges, with sustainability ranking among the most important. As one of the leading European manufacturers of aviation chemicals, it is our duty to assist the aviation industry in becoming more sustainable wherever possible.

Aero-Sense continuously strives to achieve a healthy balance between economic, social and environmental factors. This requires a long-term vision of our future, but also entails making decisions that make a real difference now – so that growth can continue in a sustainable way.

Whether raw materials, packaging or transport are involved, Aero-Sense always works with trusted partners that have a proven track record. To safeguard the high quality we are known for, we are closely involved in the manufacturing process and quality control at our key partners – every step of the way.



Reliable sourcing is only possible with trustworthy partners. We closely monitor our partners’ sustainability programmes. It goes without saying that sourced chemicals are always fully compliant with EU REACH regulations and/or any other applicable regulations.

A perfect example is the propellant used in our aircraft insecticides. Aero-Sense exclusively uses a far more environmentally-friendly alternative to the propellant typically used by other manufacturers. It is over a thousand times less harmful to the environment!



Aero-Sense uses a broad range of packaging materials, from cardboard boxes to aluminium cans. Aiming to be an early adopter, Aero-Sense sources alternative packaging solutions (such as plant-based plastic containers) wherever possible, while at the same time continuously monitoring the safe storage of its chemicals.

Cardboard boxes for our smaller orders are sourced from a nearby FSC-certified cardboard manufacturing plant. With a smart MOQ-policy, we avoid shipping half-filled boxes. When unavoidable, we strictly use environmentally-friendly, fully bio-degradable, starch-based carton fill to protect the products inside.



It all starts with thinking along with our customers to optimise space on pallets and in boxes. This not only positively affects our customers’ freight rates, but also reduces the number of daily transports. Aero-Sense products are dispatched through a small but reliable network of logistics partners. We cut down on unnecessary travel through strict daily scheduling of pick-ups.

Transporters that participate in programs intended to reduce or compensate for their carbon footprint (e.g. by investing in environmental programs or renewable energy) are prioritised over their less environmentally-friendly counterparts.


Head Office

Our new headquarters are another example of how we are making strides towards becoming a more sustainable organisation. We deliberately opted for a contemporary, energy-efficient building with large windows, which makes it a lovely place to work. Workplace ergonomics were given due consideration in all of our decisions. For the finish of our new building, we also selected materials with a limited ecological footprint, such as locally grown ash. Solar power panels, state-of-the-art heating and cooling systems and other smart solutions such as sensor lightning help us minimise our energy consumption.



Through its intense reliance on ERP software, Aero-Sense has ensured order processing that is almost completely paperless. Automated processing includes all incoming and outgoing orders, invoicing, transport bookings, production planning and stock management.