Goodrich Aerospace Cleaner™

Goodrich Aerospace Cleaner™ is a thoroughly tested de-icing boot cleaner, perfect for cleaning dirt, grime and bugs off of de-icers, with or without ShineMaster™. The existing surface coating does not need to be removed. The biodegradable formula is environmentally friendly and can be used on all water-safe materials. It has been approved for use on Neoprene and Estane® black de-icing boots and Goodrich SILVERboot™ silver de-icing boots.

  • Approved for use on all types of de-icing boots
  • Lab, wind tunnel and flight tested
  • Non-toxic, biodegradable & environmentally friendly
  • For use on all water-safe materials
  • No surface stripping required
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Available in

946 ml spray bottle (32 fl. oz.)


Simply spray on, wipe off and lightly buff to a glossy shine.