TKS De-icing Fluid

Aero-Sense TKS De-icing Fluid works as a freezing point depressant and acts as an anti-icing and de-icing agent. Intended for use in the prevention of in-flight icing on aircraft equipped with TKS de-icing systems (‘weeping wings’) but can also be used for ground de-icing of aircraft. TKS De-icing Fluid is safe for use on painted, metal, plastic, rubber and glass surfaces.

  • Quality control on every batch
  • Filtered down to 0.5 micron
  • Non-flammable: Safest on the market
  • Made in the EU
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€ 149.40 (excl. vat)
Product info
Available in

5/10/20 litre can
200 litre barrel
1,000 litre IBC


D.T.D. 406B
British Joint Service Designation AL-5
NATO Code Number S-745


Use according to the P.O.H. and your TKS system manual.

General info

TKS systems are common on Diamond, Cirrus, Beechcraft, Cessna, Piper, Mooney, Kodiak and Hawker aircraft.

TKS De-icing fluid