Goodrich Age Master™

Goodrich Age Master® #1 is a thoroughly tested rubber protectant that enhances the durability of your aircraft’s rubber materials, such as de-icing boots. It penetrates and chemically bonds with neoprene to protect against weathering, sunlight, ozone, oxidation and pollution.

  • Approved for use on all types of de-icing boots
  • Lab, wind tunnel and flight tested
  • Coating won’t wash off
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€ 329.00 (excl. vat)
Product info
Available in

946 ml bottle (32 fl. oz.)


Chemical properties according to MIL-P-11520E


Apply 6 months after new de-icer has been installed. Reapply every 150 flight hours or twice yearly. One quart covers approximately 90 sq. ft (8.3 m²).