Leather Care Set

Leather Care Set includes one Deep Cleaner for Leather, one Leather Conditioner and one Ink Remover, which are also separately available.

Perrone Deep Cleaner for Leather leaves leather looking and feeling new. It removes stubborn stains and soil from finished leather and gets rid of the shiny build-up caused by body oils and other dirt.

Perrone Leather Conditioner’s special formula revitalises old leather, giving it a fresh look and feel. It also protects finished leather from the sun’s harmful effects.

Perrone Ink Remover eliminates most ink and pen stains from finished leather surfaces. It can also help get rid of lipstick and other stains. This specialised formula is safe for use on leather finished with a topcoat system.

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6 SETS = 10% off individual price
12 SETS = 15% off individual price

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€ 71.22 (excl. vat)
Product info
Available in

Deep Cleaner - 946 ml spray bottle (32 fl. oz.)

Leather Conditioner - 473 ml bottle (16 fl. oz.)

Ink Remover - 59 ml bottle (2 fl. oz.)


Deep Cleaner - AMS 1550 & Boeing D6-7127

Leather Conditioner - AMS 1550 & Boeing D6-7127

Leather Care Set