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Aero-Sense cleaners reviewed by Ed Hicks from Flyer magazine

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Spring means the return of heavy post-flight splatter of insects all over the aeroplane. Good news, we’ve found something that makes bugs easier to remove without too much effort. Aero-Sense Insect Remover is guaranteed safe for cleaning the metals, paints and plastics found in aviation, I picked a heavily bug-splattered prop to try it on. Simply spray on from the trigger bottle, and leave it a couple of minutes to work. You’ll see the clear solution turn to drips coloured with dissolved bug. In the past I’ve relied on soaking with water, but that still needs an application of elbow grease. Aero-Sense Insect Remover makes bugs just wipe straight off. Finish off with a quick rinse and you’ll be amazed. It’s a rare thing to find a product that exceeds my expectations, but this does just that. At £13.99 for a 1L bottle, I think it’s one of the best things you can add to your cleaning kit this season.

For your glazing, there’s Aero-Sense Windshield Cleaner. You simply spray on and wipe off. It’s a very effective cleaner that removed the bugs and light dirt haze on the windscreen I picked. Priced at £13.99 for a generous 1L bottle, I wouldn’t feel I had to use this sparingly, which is good as I like to really wet out glazing when I’m cleaning it.

"It’s a rare thing to find a product that exceeds my expectations, but this does just that." (Flyer Magazine)

We haven’t come across many products specifically for avionics screens and instruments, but Aero-Sense make a couple of them. A handy Wet & Dry Wipe sachet – one of each, that will clean a whole panel’s worth of kit in one session, or there’s a 400ml GMP Avionics Cleaner spray. It won’t harm screens with anti-glare coatings and is safe on aircraft surfaces. Both do a great job and leave a bright smear free finish (...) so pick to suit your needs and budget.

Ed Hicks, Flyer Magazine

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