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TKS alcohol free deicing fluid

TKS alcohol free de-icing fluid is used to prevent or fight in-flight icing.

Aero-Sense is one of the leading European producers and providers of TKS fluid. Each batch is carefully analyzed so that viscosity, freezing point, pH value and many other parameters are respected. Before packaging, the fluid is filtered down to 0,5 micron to prevent debris blocking the laser drilled titanium leading edges.

 Technical Specification TKS fluid alcohol-free

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TKS alcohol free de-icing fluid

Additional Information

  • Appearance at 20°C: Liquid, colourless
  • Odour: Characteristic
  • pH value: 6,0 - 7,5
  • Specific gravity: 1,098 - 1,103
  • Viscosity (20°C): 7 - 9 mm²/s
  • Flash point (°C): > 60°C
  • Freezing point (°C): < -60°C
  • Brand Aero-Sense
  • To be used in TKS deicing systems according the POH.
  • Can also be used for ground deicing of aircrafts.
  • Safety
  • Review the Material Safety Data Sheet & POH before use.
  • Shelf life: 36 months
  • Versions
    • 5 liter can (4 x 5 liter)
    • 20 liter can

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