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Hangar floor cleaner

Hangar floor cleaner is a highly concentrated and alkaline based cleaning product for efficient removal of dirt, mineral and synthetic grease, brake fluid, aircraft piston engine oil, turbine oil and rubber marks on hangar floors.
Hangar floor cleaner can be used safely on most common floor surfaces (ceramics, concrete, epoxy and polyurethane coatings,…)

 Technical Specification Hangar Floor Cleaner

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Aviation Hangar Floor Cleaner

Additional Information

  • Appearance at 20°C: Liquid/ spray, colourless to light yellow
  • Odour: Characteristic
  • pH value: 12,0 – 13,0
  • Solubility in water: Completely
  • Brand Aero-Sense
    Packaging 25 liter can
    Application Dilute the hangar floor cleaner with water 1:10 up to 1:20. Spread the product with a soft brush or low pressure sprayer. Wait for at least 5 minutes before further cleaning in order to give the hangar floor cleaner the necessary penetration time. Rince with water to remove traces of the product. To confirm the resistance of the floor surface, test the hangar floor cleaner on a small surface. Hangar floor cleaner cannot be used to clean aircrafts, aircrafts or helicopters!
  • Review the Material Safety Data Sheet before use.
  • Shelf life: 36 months