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Perrone deep cleaner for leather

Specifically formulated to dig out heavy-duty soils and stains from finished leather. Removes glossy build-up from body soils and dirt. Well balanced to effectively remove soils without harming the topcoat system of finished leather. Leaves leather looking and feeling new. Also great on vinyl, rubber and other synthetic surfaces.

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Perrone Deep Cleaner for Leather

Informations complémentaires

Marque Perrone
Conditionnement 0,95 litre
Certification Boeing D6-7127
Description  Deep Cleaner Leather Conditioner Ink Remover
Ink Stains     x
Lipstick     x
Gum x    
Body Oils x    
High Shine x    
Dullness   x  
Soda x    
Coffee x    
Mustard x    
Nail Polish x    
Drying Cracking   x