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FROSTMAN General de-icing fluid

Frostman Fluid is a quick-acting, liquid deicer and complies to the strictest standards. It’s a safe product that melts large areas of rime, ice and snow in a very effective way. It’s even effective at extremely low temperatures. The product is totally non-corrosive and PH neutral. Therefore it can be applied on a wide range of surfaces, such as: railroads, trucks, cars, decks of boats, loading docks… You can also use it to deice your car-park or fleet, and it’s perfect for all applications on glass. It will not damage plastics, rubber, aluminium, steel, stainless steel… Consequently it’s the ideal product to use for general purposes.

Technical Specification Frostman

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General de-icing fluid Frostman

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Additional Information

  • Appearance at 20°C: Liquid, colourless
  • Odour: Characteristic
  • pH value: ± 7,0
  • Density: 1,08
  • Flash point (°C): > 60°C
  • Freezing point (°C): < -60°C
  • Brand Aero-Sense
    Packaging 5 liter can
    Application The product is easy to apply. You spray the product on the surface with the use of a backpack sprayer or other spraying systems.
  • Review the Material Safety Data Sheet before use.
  • Shelf life: 36 months