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General Information

Aero-Sense NV 
Delaerestraat 41
8800 Roeselare

TVA BE 0891.471.471

Opening hours offices
Monday - Friday :  from 8.30 am until 5 pm (time zone: GMT + 1).
Our offices are closed on Belgian Holidays.

Contact us via the contact form or on + 32 51 26 80 00.

Aero-Sense is the owner of the website Aero-Sense has the right to legally prosecute all parties who attempt to conscious misuse of the website and the web shop on this website. None of the images on the website are legally binding.

Shipping & Delivery

Shipping costs and taxes

Actual charges for the shipping costs and taxes will be determined based on exact weight and number of packages shipped during checkout. For export deliveries there is always a supplement. For orders above 180 kilos, contact Aero-Sense for a personalized offer. Aero-Sense does everything in its power to provide the user with the correct shipping cost, however it is possible that the user has to pay an extra shipping cost after placing the order.  If you want our products to be shipped to an island, you will have to pay an extra shipping cost that will be invoiced after the placement of your order. A  list of the prices for shipping to an island:

- The Netherlands  + 11,72 euro
- Germany  + 13,19 euro
- Denmark  + 24,89 euro (contact us if you want shipping to Greenland or the Faeröer Islands)
- Spain  + 29,30 euro
- Finland  + 61,67 euro
- France and Monaco  + 30,76 euro
- Great-Britain  +27,84 euro
- Greece  + 20,56 euro
- Italy  + 30,76 euro
- Norway  + 46,93 euro
- Portugal  + 46,87euro
- Sweden  + 40,19 euro
- Estonia  + 57,57 euro
- Croatia  + 37,06 euro

Express delivery is possible to most countries. Please contact us for more information.
Note: an express shipment can’t be processed through our web shop. Please contact us if you want an express shipment of your order.


Country Delivery time
Belgium 2 working days
Bosnia and Herzegovina* 4 - 5 working days
Bulgaria 5 working days
Denmark 3 - 4 working days
Germany 2 - 3 working days
Estonia 5 working days
Finland 4 - 5 working days
France 2 - 3 working days
Greece 6 working days
UK 3 working days
Hongary 4 working days
Ireland 4 working days
Iceland 5 working days
Italy 3 - 5 working days
Croatia* 4 - 5 working days
Latvia 4 - 5 working days
Liechtenstein* 4 working days
Lithuania 4 - 5 working days
Luxemburg 2 working days
Monaco 3 - 4 working days
Netherlands 2 working days
Norway* 3 - 6 working days
Austria 3 - 4 working days
Poland 4 working days
Portugal 4 - 5 working days
Romania 5 working days
Serbia 4 - 5 working days
Slovenia 4 working days
Slovakia 4 - 5 working days
Spain 4 - 5 working days
Czech Republic 3 - 4 working days
Sweden 4 working days
Switzerland* 4 working days

Terms and/or dates of delivery are only informative (see Terms and Conditions on the website). Goods travel at buyer’s risk. From the moment the goods leave the warehouse of Aero-Sense,  the risk of loss, damage or destruction is chargeable to the buyer. If delivery is impossible, the cost of a second transport will be invoiced supplementary (see Terms and Conditions on the website). Delivery to export countries (*) may take longer due to customs clearance.

Internet Security

The information that the user completes, will be archived by Aero-Sense for administrative and commercial purposes. This includes the promotion of products and direct marketing. Each user has the right to access his information, to alter it or to object to the use of the information for direct marketing, in accordance with the Belgian Law (wet op de bescherming van de persoonlijke levenssfeer van 8 december 1992). Aero-Sense is not responsible in case of “ force majeure” (e.g. computer virus, hackers, unauthorized computer access, any other problems related to computer networks, etc.). Aero-Sense can’t be held responsible in case the information is used, beyond the control of Aero-Sense.

Privacy policy

When you visit our website or order something, different details are collected for different purposes. We explain in this privacy policy which details are collected and why. This privacy policy is applicable to each visitor who visits the and websites. Aero-Sense respects everyone's privacy and guarantees that all your personal details will be kept confidential and will not be disclosed to third parties (for commercial purposes).

1.     Visitor details

Certain details resulting from one or more visits to and will be stored permanently, but always anonymously. This information will thus never lead to a person or organization.

Aero-Sense guarantees proper security of the stored details and will not share this information with third parties.

Details that are entered during the ordering or registration process can be used for the following purposes:
        i.    Quick and efficient processing of your order.
        ii.   Sending of one or more e-mails that relate to the ordered items.
        iii.  Bringing the attention to a product, tip, etc. of which Aero- Sense thinks it can contribute to a more successful website for the customer.

Bank details (with the exception of your method of payment) are never stored.

2.    Cookies and make use of cookies. Cookies are small files or pieces of information that could be placed by a website page on your computer. Information is stored in such a cookie, such as certain preferences of the visitor whereby we can provide you with an even better service on your next visit. Both websites use both functional and tracking cookies.

Functional cookies make for a smoother use of the website. They are used, for example, to keep track of your language settings or keep a record of your orders in your shopping cart. Tracking cookies keep track of your behaviour on the website and keep record of it with the intention to offer a more optimal user experience.

The visitor can decide which cookies he wants to accept and which ones not. He can set the browser in such a way to allow the use of cookies, not allow it or partially allows it (it is set in the latter case which websites can place cookies and which ones not).

Cookies can always be removed from a computer via the browser.

3.    Disclaimer

Aero-Sense has the right to change the content of the Privacy Policy without the visitor being informed thereof. The implementation of the change on the website is therefore sufficient. All elements of the website, including the underlying technology, are protected by copyright, trademark and patent law and, generally, by judicial intellectual property rights concerning databases. The products offered for sale are those ones that are on the website, including a description of their essential characteristics, at the time and on the day when the website is consulted by the purchaser and within the limits of the available stock.

The seller will use all reasonable means to reflect the availability of products on the website, but cannot be held liable for the completion of an order if a product is no longer available.

We do our best that the images, texts and other descriptive elements that illustrate the products reflect the reality as much as possible. However, they do not form part of the contractual area. If these images and/or text would be displayed incorrectly, the liability of the seller can therefore not be compromised. The latter undertakes to apply the best efforts in order to correct and improve the errors or omissions as quickly as possible after having been informed about them.

All communication with us will be kept confidential, as specified in the general terms and conditions. The Belgian law is applicable.

Returns & Replacements

Damaged goods must be refused by the buyer. The buyer must notify Aero-Sense in writing, within 24 hours after the refusal of the damaged goods. If the buyer accepts the damaged goods, all additional costs will be chargeable to the buyer. Complaints about non-conformity and visible failing of our deliveries are to be communicated in writing to Aero-Sense, within 48 hours after delivery. All other complaints must be communicated in writing to Aero-Sense, within 8 days after delivery. The burden of proof rests with the buyer.

Please download the return document to return web shop orders.


Terms and Conditions

The General Terms and Conditions are integrally applicable for orders via the web shop at By ordering the user agrees with these General Terms and Conditions. The General Terms and Conditions can be found on the website

Process for ordering via the web shop

The user selects the desired products in the web shop at The user does this by completing the desired quantity and clicking on ‘add to cart’. The chosen products will be shown in the cart. The user needs to review the cart to see the overview of the chosen products. Before proceeding to check-out, it is necessary to enter the country, state and ZIP code of the delivery address to get an estimate of the shipping costs.

After proceeding to check-out, the user needs to:

-          Log in when he has an account  

-          Enter all the necessary information if they have no account:

  • Destination for shipping
  • Billing address
  • Shipping method
  • Payment method

The user needs to accept the General Terms and Conditions before placing the order. The user will be redirected to the payment gateway after placing the order. A confirmation of the placed order will be received via e-mail after the payment.

B2B users will be able to see their invoice for the order online (these are users with a VAT number). B2C users (“the consumer”) will not receive an invoice, they will only receive a confirmation via e-mail. In accordance with the Belgian law, the consumer can refrain from purchasing the goods within the 14 days after placing the order. If the goods are already delivered to the consumer, the cost of transport will be invoiced.

Payment, Pricing & Promotions

Pre-paid policy

We have a pre-paid policy, so the user must pay directly after placing the order via the payment gateway.

Payment methods

Possible payment methods are:

- MasterCard
- Maestro
- Bankcontact/ MrCash

The data are processed via Ogone.


The prices shown at the web shop don't include VAT nor delivery costs. All orders confirmed via the web shop at will normally be carried out at the agreed price. However, Aero-Sense reserves the right to adjust the agreed price proportionally,  in case of an increase in price of the goods that Aero-Sense purchases from third parties. Although Aero-Sense updates the prices in the web shop on a regular basis, occasionally there may be a price discrepancy between the price online and the actual current price. If there is a price discrepancy, that we identify at the time we process the order, Aero-Sense will notify the user by e-mail. The user then has the right to refrain from purchasing the goods of that order.


If the user has a discount code, it needs to be entered before proceeding to check-out. It is not possible to get a discount once the user has confirmed the order.

Viewing Orders

The order history can be consulted when the user logs in.

Updating Account Information

The user can update his account information on the page ‘my account’.