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AeroVision rain repellent

When used on a regular basis, the Rain Repellant improves the visibility and flying safety. It provides an invisible barrier that makes it possible for rain and snow to be swept away by aero-dynamic wind flow. Use this product on the windshield and on the windows and canopies to repel rain, sleet and snow. It also restricts the adhesion and buildup of frost, salts, insects and contaminants for easy removal.

The Rain Repellent guarantees outstanding repellency, even in the worst weather conditions. After application, the product lasts up to 6 months (depending on weather conditions). The product can be used during winter and will not freeze!

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AeroVision Rain Repellent Aircraft

Additional Information

Brand AeroVision
Packaging 300 ml
  • Clean your windshield with our windshield cleaner.

  • Apply the coating to a microfiber cloth and rub in circular motion onto the windshield making sure each area is covered.  It is okay to over-lap, this well ensure a thorough coatings and even coverage.  

  • Sprinkle the surface with water. 

  • Use a clean microfiber cloth to polish excess material to a streak-free shine.  

  • Spray water or expose surface to rain to experience repelling action.